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"Okay im A - 16 year-old kid rotating 17 next month and my parents are purchasing me a car.they said that there are several specifications of the own 1.the oldest it may be is just a 2005 model(i don't know why) plus it has to be with in our cost range which will be $10"Simply how much do folks pay (each monthIs insurance required in north carolina?What's a great long-term medical insurance policy for worldwide remains?Simply how much is full coverage car insurance under the standard?I am 16 and I can get my liscence sooon... but I have to buy motor insurance... How much on average will I be investing in a 1996 camry?Insurance Tips! Needed ASAP!?Is modern an excellent insurance ? What's the best insurance ?"An adolescent struck my car. He had no insurancePregnancy and medical health insurance questions:?Learners Permit and Insurance!?Excellent insurance for my car?Do I really require medical health insurance?"After I switched 19"my mother has paid annually (141 quid) lucky sod. and she is considering canceling it to add me into a cheaper auto insurer as introducing me to the AA insurance is MIND BLOWINGLY COSTLYDoes your insurance policy your car purchase?"I heard because she is older it'd be cheaper to have me on her insurance and contains a clear report

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