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Holmes' attorneys say he suffers from schizophrenia, heard voices in his head commanding him to kill and was not answerable for his actions. Two court-appointed psychiatrists have concluded Holmes was sane when he planned and carried out the attack. Holmes' sometimes bizarre conduct after the attack was the main target of the day's testimony. It included a police officer who said Holmes played puppets with paper luggage placed on his fingers to preserve gunshot residue after his arrest, and Naprosyn en linea jail deputies who saw him working head-first into partitions and Flumycon generico refusing to eat or Plusgin drink in 2012. Holmes was speaking about shadows. Repeating odd phrases. Davis stated Holmes additionally smeared feces. She said his conduct appeared psychotic. He was often held in restraints. Davis prescribed him Haldol, Fungostat generic an antipsychotics drug, Cantinia ohne arztliche Verordnung to assist along with his scattered thoughts. One other physician then switched the prescription to risperdal, another antipsychotic he continues to take. Holmes saw nearly immediate enchancment on the medication, Fungostat generic said another doctor, John Holland. Fungostat generic

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