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Everyone knows any time World War II, the once friendly state of Korea broken into two camps: northern and southern. Brick walls (and moral) were erected against one in an effort to protect themselves from former blood brothers. I watched that movie online for free on some time, long time, the northern hated the southern, the southern hated the northern. The leaders from the once united countries threw mud at each other, adding oil to the fire of any huge machine called "ideology." Along with the southern people firmly belief that, obviously, you must hate the damned komunyak. As well as northern ones knew from childhood how the southern ones were puppets in the hands of the United States.It turned out from this background than a special territory existed between both countries - it had been called the united security zone. The most unusual border from the world. A small problem is ordinary people served there, fed up with propaganda and zombies. These people i would like happiness and tranquility, they didn't need to hate anyone on the orders of the top officials on the states.But something terrible happened. Under mysterious circumstances, two North Korean soldiers were killed within a shootout. The countries are about to unleash their military potential on each other. Persistent investigation team is dispatched to investigate the incident. Everything is very much clear, the guilty have been found. The verdict seems to be clear.Unfortunately, quite an young woman incorporates a gut feeling that something is wrong here. The first 30 minutes of the film gives the sense that you are watching another episode of CSI. Dashing analysis of evidence, cross-examination one after another, autopsy, trace examination, another cross-examination, lie detectors. Within the best traditions of Hollywood, the staged dialogues make you think that you will be watching Clayton Base in Korean.But suddenly the film will make a sharp turn, the speeds drop, along with the MOST indescribable atmosphere of intimacy and art-house becomes paramount, that most of us fell excited about Korean cinema. Everyday and surprisingly sincere story will surprise the thoughtful viewer more often than once, especially which has a chic ending.The comparison with Base Clayton isn't coincidence - these films are a visible representation of methods differently they understand how to shoot films in various countries. If Baza Clayton simply captivates by using a dynamic, but loads of cash mundane plot and reckless images of Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. Then in OZB, the plot captures the head as well as released for many people days. But not with the crazy special effects. Not. These kinds of sites the too vital plot and filigree images developed by the actors.Possibly the most honest military-themed detective-drama.

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