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This parody is probably the first of this type - manufacturing best! Usually new and a new one arrived at replace such, the old is forgotten, but nooo! Not Scary Movie i always watched on Although exactly what do I only say, the point that the film exceeded its budget at this area office in excess of 14 and a half times already speaks for itself.I like black humor, really. And We are so sorry so it is not always possible to laugh at him sincerely. Death is from being an interesting thing by any means, say the most tragic of all of the events which could happen in life, as it would be irreversible. But damn it, how cool it had become if a dude in the mask of your famous Scream killed and killed Buffy, and he or she still didn't die!It goes without saying that although watching such parodies, the viewer automatically sets out to compare the product with the cause material - that's, together with the awesome 20th century horror films Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, and partly with the well-known vulgar American Pie', although I barely caught its notes, the main focus was still being about the horrors.So, these horror films will be the greatest and quite a few terrible impression from my childhood. They are very good quality, good-looking and scary, so be it. Usually, all kinds of parodies are a lot of warmly perceived by viewers and critics, even I might say cool enough, but this movie tore everyone up like Tuzik a warm water bottle! Now, being aware of arsenic intoxication this parody, My business is definately not scared to view these films, occasionally it's even funny. Honestly, however it had not been the initial that made, say, an imitation, but a fake original.Actors. Everyone, certainly, ideally suits their heroes, I can't even wish to represent anyone else. The key character played by Anna Faris - I used to be very surprised when I discovered she was playing it! The actress has changed beyond recognition, and simply for the better. I must say i appreciate the gorgeous Carmen Electra - a best part! Well, Locklin Munroe is an excellent actor, From the him from the TV series Charmed, and on this film, inside a different role, he surprised and delighted me.A very scary movie is a really vulgar and funny thing. She tears all stereotypes to shreds. Here you'll be able to beat girls, sniff shoals having a serial killer, sleep with only anyone, kill right at work when in front of cameras shouting `` Reached it!' ', Have a home in a camper three steps from your personal school, not notice what exactly is happening, do not worry about such'trifles'like death, with fun pondering killer maniacs, not fearful of them in any way and getting high!It's challenging to believe that this glorious parody is twelfth year old. She is still fresh, hilarious and will not lag behind her contemporaries, about the contrary. Relax and enjoy for that hundredth time. And lastly, I can not help writing a legendary dialogue forever:'An amount you tell her if you've been together with her your evening when she was killed? - I might tell her ... RUN, BITCH! RUN !!'

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